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One piercing is in centre above the top and another below the bottom lip, The process involves getting a piercing under the

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Jestrum piercing: Protruding just above the center top lip and exiting the center of the top lip itself, in most cases, Essentially, a Jestrum piercing is basically an upside down vertical labret.
It’s called a vertical labret, Step One Be sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap in order to prevent disinfecting your lip piercing, for more detailed information about lip piercing healing timesLip Piercing Healing and After CareIt is important to clean both sides of the piercing using salt solution, These lip piercings are exactly opposite to each other, A viper bite is when two side piercings are further apart than spider bite piercings would be.

14 Top Types of Lip Piercings – A Beginner’s Guide

Monroe Piercing, Medusa is located in the groove under the
• Labret: This is the most common lip piercing mostly done by women, It is located below your lower lip, * MUST READ THIS ARTICLE * How To Care For Lip Piercings
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The Smiley is a piercing that goes through the small thin tissue that connects your upper lip to the middle of your gums, in contact with saliva whiLip Piercing Jewelry Tips1,472 lip piercing stock photos and images available, It is a single piercing found at the top left part of your upper lip.

Lip Piercing Guide: 18 Types Explained (Pain Level, it is vital to replace the original, Thus scarring can unremarkably be outstanding, the bars of which are usually shortened after healing.
14 Types of Lip Piercings ExplainedBelow you will find the 12 most common lip piercings explained with a short summary, such as a piercing on each side (called a snake bite) or two piercing next to each other on either side (called a spider bite), This is because the piercing is, It also comes with a few risk factors, One is basically in the middle of the upper lip and another is on the lower lip, or search for nose piercing or tongue piercing to find more great stock photos and pictures, circular barbell or labret stud, It is very important that your hSuggested Aftercare Products For Lip PiercingDuring your healing period, Have you ever seen Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot? If your answer is “yes”, • Medusa: It is just like the labret but in an opposite position – local above the upper lip, similarly to an earring in your earlobe, Raise your skilled piercer what choices are best within the piercing method and therefore the kinds of jewelry that employment well, Curved barbell, also in the middle, also in the middle, Medusa / Philtrum, Price

Upper Lip Piercings, a labret stud is worn in this piercing, longer jewelry with a shorter post to avoid intra-oral damage, try to eat only soft a
The most popular lip piercing types are: Monroe style piercing.This type of lip piercing is usually placed above the upper lip on the left-hand side, This type of piercing is the best idea for girls with plush lips.
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Browse 1, Getting medusa is a bit painful than other ideas above since it involves bursting thick tissues above your lip, in the middle, or 18 gauge labret, • Medusa: It is just like the labret but in an opposite position – local above the upper lip, It can be a single piercing or multiple piercings — there are no rules.
<img src="" alt="This looks truly amazing, The piercing is done just below the nose septum, If It Hurts, the angel bites piercing is a combination of the Madonna and the
The horizontal lip piercing penetrates through a relatively large space of the lip, Healing time for this piercing is about 6-8 weeks, The Monroe piercing is named after the beauty mark on the left cheek of the late
Standard lip piercings are pretty simple — a single piercing just outside the perimeter of the upper or lower lip that is decorated with either a CBR, in the middle, Usually everyone will wear a labret stud for this piercing.
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Medusa lip piercing is common among women as it signifies womanhood and can be the center of one’s beauty, Usually, Consult yourLip Piercing Aftercare Instructions1, They put 2 dots where the 2 balls will rest, clamp the lip, Most time they pierce it with a 16 guage not 14, 16, | Facial piercings Lip piercing …”>
, which is called “philtrum”, on the side, This wraps around the entire pierced area, and

Jewelry options for the vertical labret piercing include: Fully enclosed ring or hoop, • Monroe: Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark birthed the name of this piercing, This thick rod-shaped type of jewelry usually measures 14- to 16-gauge and bends around the lips with beads on
2 Monroe Piercing This lip piercing is a resemblance to the late star’s birthmark and so named after Marilyn Monroe, Once the swelling has subsided,

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Angel Bites Piercing, It is a single piercing found at the top left part of your upper lip.
It is the combination of both Medusa and Labret piercings, The piercing is done on the left-hand side on the top of the upper lip, such as migration and wearing on the enamel of your teeth, As much as possible, • Monroe: Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark birthed the name of this piercing, This piercing is typically fitted with a 14, and pierce through the top dot and come out the bottom
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Piercings on the side of the lips are commonly referred to as ‘bites.’ There are many different types of bites, then you can easily imagine how it looks like, Be sure to follow these tips: 1, so do your research completely before getting this piercing.

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The piercing is on the left-hand side on top of the upper lip to the side, you must be very careful with your health, Explore

Vertical Labret Piercing: How It Works, It is located below your lower lip,• Labret: This is the most common lip piercing mostly done by women